WATCH: Maltese Made Film, Limestone Cowboy, Releases Its Official Trailer

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Limestone Cowboy is the much anticipated Maltese-themed feature film, produced by Take 2 Entertainment. It follows the story of Karist – an ageing, delusional man intent on becoming Malta’s next Prime Minister. The story chronicles his mania and inner demons, which violently tear into his life and his family.

The film was shot around Malta, with the majority of the cast and crew being Maltese. Although the film has no official release date as yet, the producers have confirmed with Lovin Malta that it will be in cinemas by the end of 2017. 

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The writers, Carlos Debattista and Jon Mallia, explore the idea of delusion. Their story is about a protagonist who believes he’s a quintessential hero and saviour from the American Wild West. But the reality is that he lives in Malta, a lazy island in the Mediterranean.

The story also focuses on the point of view of Karist's son, who takes issue with his father's standing in the community. The son, John, has lived a life working hard to succeed in corporate Malta, and resents his father's celebrity.

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The film was directed by Abigail Mallia, a 37-year old Maltese director who entered the audiovisual industry through television at the age of 19, working as a journalist/ editor/producer on the Xarabank.

At the age of 26 she set up her own audiovisual company, Take 2, together with Carlos Debattista. She has worked on story, direction and editing on local drama series such as award winning L-Evangelisti and Deċeduti.

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The creators are now gearing up for the film's release have launched a crowd-funding campaign to be able to bring the film to international audiences.

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Limestone Cowboy Credits:

Cast Paul Portelli, Paul Cilia, Davide Tucci, Terry Camilleri, Irene Christ, Mark Doneo, and Peter Galea. 

Director Abigail Mallia
Producer Carlos Debattista and Abigail Mallia
Associate Producer Jon Mallia
Screenplay Carlos Debattista and Jon Mallia
Director of Photography Mirko Galea
Music Mirko Galea and Analise Mifsud

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