WATCH: Maltese Supernatural Thriller Releases First Intense Trailer

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The first teaser trailer for upcoming Maltese film Mostri has just been launched, and the project is shrouded in mystery, raising some very interesting questions. 

All we have is an eerie mashup of contemporary horror with dramatic shots of a battle, probably the Great Siege. Hoping for a little more insight, we spoke to Talon House Pictures, the company behind this film, to shed some more light on this project.

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"Some events do take place during the Great Siege, yes, so we do have sequences that will be appreciated by action fans," they explained. "But the rest, and in fact most of the film, takes place during the present time, as we follow a troubled detective assigned to investigate gruesome and strange murders. It's basically a supernatural thriller based on Maltese folk legends and creatures." 

Talon House Pictures is an independent multimedia organization with grand plans for Mostri. Using some of the latest film technology and teaming up with musicians, make-up artists, costume designers and foley artists to get the best possible results, Talon House are trying very hard to make up for a lack in budget with sheer dedication and passion for the big screen. And if this trailer is anything to go by, they're on track to pull it off. 

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"We're a small group of passionate filmmakers that love the genre and wish to do something different in terms of story," they continued. "The first trailer we just shared was really just a teaser, and it'll be followed by another four trailers where we hint more towards the actual story." 

Mostri 7

Mostri is set to be released in October 2018 at the Stiges Spain Horror Fantasy and Sci Fi Film Festival. Till then, you can stay tuned for more updates on their Facebook page and website

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