WATCH: The Full Trailer For Malta's Intense Ghost Film Is Out, And It's Nightmare Fuel

The film will be showing for one night only later this month

Listen up horror buffs; Malta's getting a feature-length ghost film, and it's the perfect combination of intriguing and creepy. The teaser released last month was enough to whet our appetite for Hemm Dar il-Qala, but now that a full trailer has been released, we finally get to uncover more context to the scares.

The story revolves around Edevane Mansion, a beautiful but abandoned old house in "the sleepy town of Qala" in Gozo. In what feels like an average day in the life of many locals, a Maltese film crew catches the ferry up to the sister island. Cheerful faces arrive at the old Gozitan mansion, but as soon as an old camcorder gets turned on and you get to watch everything from its perspective, you know things are about to go down horror-style.

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The crew, who arrive at the house to document the strange occurrences there, seem to be haunted by a ghostly presence. For some creepy context, the trailer does say that Emily (who, along with her three young children, was the last resident of the mansion) had died 35 years before.

Soon enough, things take a turn into blood-curling as night descends onto the mansion. Add a DIY Ouija Board and a couple of magically locking doors, and good luck not getting nightmares tonight. 

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The film is the latest project by Mark Doneo, who had debuted his feature film Silhouette back in 2013.

"The film has been two years in the making, so we're reasonably excited and eager to premiere it," Doneo told Lovin Malta. "It's also a very rare 16+ local feature. There isn't any gore or anything like that, but it's a very grounded psychological ghost story. This is not a horror film."

The film is entirely in the Maltese language, but is being marketed in its original working title, The Weeping House of Qala. "We plan on floating the movie into international festivals," Doneo said, "but we owe the cast, crew, sponsored and general interested public a screening before we launch it commercially later this year."

No attention to detail was spared, with the soundtrack for the trailer being left in the very capable hands of former Red Electrick frontman Matthew James Borg. The trailer marks Matt's first post-REK project, which sees the singer-musician add a healthy dose of freaky to the psychological ghost thriller's trailer. 

"I am truly appreciative and humbled to have been given the opportunity," Matthew told Lovin Malta. "I am combining my passion for cinematography with writing and arranging music and for this, I am truly grateful."

Hemm Dar Il-Qala will premiere exclusively at the Eden Cinemas for one night only on the 23rd of February. It is also slated for a wider general release later this year.

In the meantime, stay tuned on more information about the chilling thriller on the film's official Facebook page

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