WATCH: The Mqabba Festa's 'Tower Of Fireworks' Display Really Was Something Else

10,000 stunnings fireworks were launched from a 57 metre-high tower

It's official festa season, with towns and villages going all out in their colourful and loud celebrations. But the team behind the Mqabba St. Mary Fireworks have truly outdone themselves this year.

They built a 57 metre-high tower - and loaded it with 10,000 fireworks to create a light show the likes of which Malta had never seen before. Every shape and colour was seen during the 90-minute show which was synchronised with pyrotechnics and music.

It was split into three parts: the pyromusical display, the traditionally multi-break coloured beraq, and the grand finale. You can watch the grand finale in the video above.

At one point during the awesome display, the fireworks even lined up to create a Maltese cross, to the delight of the crowd

What did you think of the Mqabba tower of fireworks display?

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