WATCH: The Unparalleled Passion And Dedication Of Għaxaq Festa Enthusiasts

It's more than a hobby, it's a way of life

The good people of Malta love a good festa. Many enthusiasts spend the entire year planning for their patron saint's festa, and whole communities form around the very Maltese tradition.

If you've never experienced or seen the passion for yourself, a new video by Steve Zammit Lupi will give you a front seat into the energy, dedication and time put into making these festas. His video is all about Għaxaq and their celebrations, but this level of devotion can be found in most Maltese towns and villages.

"Għaxaq is this hidden traditional village behind the airport, with around 4500 people calling it home," he told Lovin Malta. "Għaxaq feast enthusiasts are a dedicated group of people that give 12 months of their year to put up this amazing feast full of colours, bangs and entertainment. Their devotion towards St. Joseph is fascinating, especially on the day of the feast when the procession takes place."

Steve said he didn't know much about Għaxaq or its people before, but urges anyone interested in the traditions of Malta to head on down.

"If you're a fireworks fan or simply a festa person, this is one festa you have to visit every summer," he said.

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