WATCH: This Video Left A Maltese Court In Disbelief After A BBC Presenter Was Arraigned For 'Assault'

Magistrate said the footage should be sent to a comedy channel

The assault begins at 2:22.

A video which left a Maltese magistrate in disbelief has been published on YouTube by the person at the centre of the case: BBC journalist and bird conservationist Chris Packham.

Packham was arraigned in Maltese court this week, charged with assault, but was cleared soon after his lawyers aired the video which shows Packham and his crew being the ones verbally and physically attacked.

According to Packham, Magistrate Joe Mifsud had his head in his hands after watching the video and even suggested that the footage be sent to an Italian comedy channel, adding: "Is it any wonder we have problems when the police are acting like this?'"

Packham and his crew were in Gozo filming illegalities regarding bird hunting when the incident occurred. The magistrate threw out the case and accused the police of "time-wasting", according to a report by Times of Malta.

Obviously the news has spread like wildfire with the help of the British press.

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Chris Peregin