WATCH: Wait, What?! Maltese Referee Steals Limelight At Boxing Match With Unique (And Unnecessary) Move

Wait, is that Eddy from Tekken?

High levels of adrenaline and even higher levels of testosterone are rampant at every single boxing match around the world, but one particular fight that happened in Malta over the weekend offered something else.

At a Supreme Boxing Promotions fight that went down last Saturday 2nd March between Spainard Julio Acosta and Malta-based Libyan favourite Malik Zinad at the Intercontinental Hotel, tensions and spirits were high all throughout, but it was the referee who managed to steal the spotlight with one particular move.

Just over 10 minutes into the match, as Acosta got Zinad into a corner and things got tight, the ref found a unique way to get out of the kerfuffle... by legit pulling off a forward roll. In the above video, you can see the move at around the 15 second mark.

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Screenshot 2019 03 06 At 10 36 49

And while everyone in the arena was too caught up in the fight to notice the unique move, people rewatching the whole thing were quick to point out the hilarity of it all

"Nice move ref!" a video uploaded onto Facebook on Monday said, quickly getting over 3,000 views and over a 100 reactions.

Soon, comments started pouring in, with people not only saying the Maltese referee had made their day, but also commenting on how this might've just been the very first time a referee had pulled a trick like this during a match.

"In every deck of cards, there's a Joker, and this guy is one of them in the local boxing scene," one amused comment read. Others compared the referee to Eddy Gordo, the acrobatic fighter from the classic Tekken video game series.

In this other video of the entire fight, you can check out the confusing move at 15:12 from a much closer angle

Screenshot 2019 03 06 At 10 27 36

Like, much closer

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