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WATCH: ‘We Are Here With You!’ Caruana Galizia Sisters Confront Police As Protesters Locked Inside Castille And Journalists ‘Dragged Out’

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Additional Reporting by David Grech Urpani

Another stand-off is currently going down in front of Castille this morning, following activists Moviment Graffitti’s storming of the palace earlier today. Now, however, activists, members of the press and even the Caruana Galizia family arrived on scene to show support to the locked protesters and demand entry themselves.

Some moments ago, the doors to Castille’s side entrance were locked, preventing the early morning activists from leaving. Meanwhile, journalists were “dragged out”, according to members of the press on scene.

In fact, a confirmed five journalists from local and international press were pulled out earlier by police officers, who claimed they did not know under whose orders they were acting.

“We are here with you,” Daphne Caruana Galizia’s sister Corinne could be seen shouting from outside to the protesters on the other side, as police officers continued to refuse entry to the people gathered outside.

Meanwhile, Moviment Graffitti are still broadcasting live from inside, as activists forming a human blockade continue to be barred from leaving, surrounded by soldiers.

This is a developing story.

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