WATCH: Why You Seriously Need To Stay Away From The Azure Window

Chunks Of Azure Window Crumble As Man Jumps Off It

Gozo's iconic Azure Window just got one step closer to completely breaking apart as a man jumped off it yesterday.

A video uploaded to Youtube shows the man jumping off the tourist attraction, and several massive rocks jumping off after him.


Those splashes are far too close for comfort.

People studying the stone have estimated that the past 30 years have seen a huge leap in the level of erosion of the rock. So here's a handy guide to staying alive when you next visit Dwejra.

1. Thinking of climbing the Azure Window?


2. Climbed up and want to jump down?


3. Hoping to get that perfect Instagram shot star-jumping at the summit?


And that's it! Nice and easy. Here's a visual reminder of why you shouldn't.

Azure Cover

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