WATCH: Woman Aggressively Rips Daphne Caruana Galizia Photo Off Of Memorial, Stamps On It, And Shouts At Onlookers

'Saħħara inti!'

A video taken late on Friday evening shows an emotional Maltese woman approaching the Great Siege Monument in Valletta and ripping off a black and white photo of slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia that had been stuck there.

The woman then threw the picture on the floor, and repeatedly jumped on it.

A female passerby stopped to watch her, and asks her what she is doing. The woman replies that she is removing the photo of "that witch and liar", before the two begin shouting at each other.

Woman 1: "X'qed taghmel hij? X'qed taghmel qalbi?" ("What are you doing?")

Woman 2: "Qed inneħħi r-ritratt ta' dik is-saħħara... għax dik saħħara u giddieba" ("I'm removing the picture of that witch... because she is a witch and a liar")

Woman 1: "Ija imma I mean..." ("Ok but I mean...")

Woman 2: "Issa forsi erga waħhħlu, ta" ("If you want, stick it again")

Woman 1: "Saħħara inti!" ("You're the witch")

Woman 2: "Erġa' waħħlu, kumidjanta!" ("Put it back then, joker")

Woman 1: "Dik mara li ħalliet familja warajha!" ("This is a woman who left a family behind!")

The makeshift memorial dedicated to Caruana Galizia at the Great Siege Monument in Valletta has become a focal point of emotional outpouring - from both supporters and critics

The memorial, which appeared spontaneously following the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia in October, 2017, has gone through a number of iterations since being set up, and has drawn praise and criticism from different sections of society.

Since then, there have been multiple attempts to cover the memorial, or clean it up, from the state.

There have also been cases of passers-by removing or vandalising the flowers, notes, and photos dedicated to Caruana Galizia placed on the public monument, only for someone else to put a replacement back within a few hours.

What do you think of this latest incident?

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