Nickie Vella De Fremeaux Invokes Hitler In Her Latest Tirade Against Her Husband, The Opposition Leader

Vella de Fremeaux gives her husband a fresh headache with Facebook rant about NET copyright dispute

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Nickie Vella de Fremeaux has used a quote by Adolf Hitler to warn of fresh developments in a copyright dispute at NET TV in a public message to her husband, Opposition leader Adrian Delia.

Vella de Fremeaux, a lawyer, last week accused NET TV boss Pierre Portelli of breaching scriptwriter Sandro Vella’s intellectual property when airing the new drama Fattigi without informing or crediting Vella.

The case took a fresh twist last night, with Vella de Fremeaux criticising Portelli for excluding her from ongoing negotiations and accusing Vella of naively succumbing to duress by deleting his social media posts about the case.

“I have no idea what you will finally settle to however remember one word of advice,” she said in a long Facebook post. “Intellectual property rights violations are a crime and I do not believe in negotiating in crime.”

“Remember that what to you take for granted as your natural flowing talent is the source of envy which someone else cab only dream of, and sadly judging from your erasing of all your posts even before the signature of the agreement raises alarm bells for me. Furthermore your actions fit to a tee with what the infamous Adolf Hitler said ‘Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it until eventually they will believe it’.”

“I am beguiled by your sudden amorous and naive temperament as well as by your immediate urge to erase any posts made in connection with this series. It is dumbfounding how quickly some buckle whilst others keep adrift struggling but fighting and that is me!”

Vella de Fremeaux told her husband, his lawyer Vincent Galea and Pierre Portelli that she is awaiting an invitation to put to rest all queries and matters related to this case.

“It is in the public interest and also of the PN as well as Medialink to ensure that this agreement [with Vella] is reached in accordance with justice and is not signed or imposed under duress in an attempt to cover up any wrong doing thus depriving the rightful owner of his rights at law - even if he appears to be as happy as a lark,’ she said. "Let’s face it…who wouldn’t be [happy] when the threat of a €200 lawsuit for existential damages amongst others had been lifted?”

“My physical or indeed legal absence in all of this makes me truly sceptical about what is happening and the fact that Sandro was allegedly threatened with several lawsuits for insisting that the copyright was indeed his does not make me hopeful that justice will prevail, that Sandro will have his rights secured and awarded all damages as he is entitled to at law and that he temporarily assign part of the rights thereto to NET or [Portelli’s production company] Watermelon as the case may be.”

“Anything short of this would not be in the owners’ best interests and would be OBSCENE, CRIMINAL and a total TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE.”

Vella de Fremeaux has made no secret of her dissatisfaction as her new role as wife of the Opposition leader, telling Lovin Malta in a recent interview that their children and herself have been damaged by exposure to the public eye.

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