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No Glowing Ads On Fort St Angelo’s Historic Walls As Culture Minister Puts His Foot Down

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Heritage Malta has revoked a decision to have light projectors shine adverts on the walls of the historic Fort St Angelo.

The national heritage agency issued a call for advertisers on its Facebook wall yesterday evening, describing the Birgu fort as “a unique advertising space”. However, it proved incredibly controversial, with several people warning that profit is taking precedent over the safeguarding of Malta’s heritage.

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici also weighed in to insist Fort St Angelo shouldn’t be reduced to an advertising space.

“I agree with the use of light projections on Fort St Angelo for national events, such as Malta’s entry into the EU, and cultural events, such as Valletta 2018, which bring out the building’s beauty and which go down well with people,” Bonnici said. “However, I absolutely disagree with reducing the fort to a billboard where those with enough money can advertise on it. I know that this was never Heritage Malta’s intention and I made my thoughts very clear to them this morning.”

Heritage Malta later pulled down its Facebook post, and Bonnici confirmed with Lovin Malta that the promotional call had been officially revoked.

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