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‘Of Course I’m Scared!’: Brave Maltese Woman Opens Up About Ongoing Battle With Thyroid Cancer

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As Malta, and the entire world has become more aware and educated about things like viruses, hygiene and vaccines amidst the pandemic, one young Maltese woman has opened up about her ongoing battle with cancer to show the world just what it really means.

Cheyenne Muscat’s courageous Instagram posts give the public a glimpse of what it means to battle thyroid gland cancer and undergo serious operations in her throat and neck.

After being diagnosed in January, Muscat underwent a total thyroidectomy – but it wasn’t easy.

“On the 16th of January, I had my surgery done. The hospital period was the worst. I was very lucky to be surrounded by the sweetest doctors and nurses that helped me get through that hell of a week. The pain was real; when I tried to drink, speak or eat, the daily panic attacks and the daily spasms I used to encounter due to low calcium,” she said.

“And now, I’m starting my journey for treatment to fully recover from this battle once and for all. Am I scared? Hell yes!”

She spoke about what it means to have such serious surgery on such a prominent part of her body.

“This scar wasn’t always so easy to look at,” she continued. “I spent the first two weeks walking past the mirror without wanting to look at myself. I still look at the mirror and feel a little low and have a little cry sometimes, not gonna lie. But it is also a gentle reminder to myself of a battle I’m battling against.”

“Those who know me, are used to me being a loud person. And in all honesty, that is what I miss the most; the liberty to speak freely without hoarseness in my voice.”

After undergoing the surgery, Muscat really appreciated the messages of support she received, giving a special shout out to a very important person: her mother.

“Along with those who sent me daily messages to check up on me and daily encouragement, a woman I cannot thank enough is my mum. I wouldn’t have done it without her support and encouragement. Ma, you’re my superhero,” she said.

“Today marks nine weeks post-surgery and I seriously cannot wait for the day when I can say I’m 100% cancer-free.”

Muscat’s courage in sharing her story and battling cancer at such a young age is an inspirational to the rest of us – Cheyenne, we’re all rooting for you!

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