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One Year Later, The Memory Of Chantelle Chetcuti Lives On As Loved Ones Demand Justice

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It has been one year since Chantelle Chetcuti was brutally murdered outside a Żabbar club by her former partner in an incident that shocked the nation.

And one year on from the tragic day, the memory of Chetcuti is being remembered by those who knew and loved her.

“A year without you. A year since you’ve been murdered,” a loved one said on Facebook. “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is the duty of the living to do so for them.”

A tribute to Chantelle Chetcuti

A tribute to Chantelle Chetcuti

The Women’s Rights Foundation, a leading voice for vulnerable women, also paid tribute to Chetcuti, claiming that the only reason she was murdered was because she was a woman.

“In her memory, our legal team will continue to seek justice for her and her children,” they said.

“Rest in peace Chantelle. We will not forget you.”

Justin Borg, Chetcuti’s former partner and father of her children, was charged for the murder of the 34-year-old after she was repeatedly stabbed to the point that a knife remained stuck in her head.

The mother of two died a few days later from the wounds she had suffered.

The story since has been one of tragedy, with Borg handing himself into the police with blood on his clothes. Along with murder, Borg was also charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of cocaine and breaching the peace.

In October 2020, he was released on bail against a €25,000 deposit and a €20,000 personal guarantee. Borg is currently subject to a curfew from 8pm and 5am and has to sign a bail book daily.

The biggest tragedy of all is knowing that this could have all been avoided.

In 2013, Chetcuti had instituted a domestic violence court case against Borg – but this was dropped after she chose not to testify.

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