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Over 30s In Malta Can Sign Up For COVID-19 Vaccine From Tuesday

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As of Tuesday, anyone over the age of 30 will be able to apply for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The news, announced by Health Minister Chris Fearne, comes as the island continues to keep up a steady pace in its inoculation rollout.

You’ll now be able to sign up for the jab by registering online or by sending an SMS after a new system was put in place over the last few weeks.

Sign up by following this link or calling on 145 for further assistance.

Malta has taken a staggered approach to the vaccine rollout, with segments of the population being given the vaccine first based on their vulnerability status.

Just last week, the vaccine was opened up to people in their 40s, with up to 42% of that group having been administered the jab.

At this stage, over two-thirds of people in their 50s have had at least one shot, with 94% of over 50s having received at least one jab as well.

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