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Pembroke Park And Ride Tower Plans A Non-Starter, Council Says

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A proposal for a tower to be built on the site of Pembroke’s park and ride has been described as a non-starter by the locality’s local council. 

Yesterday Lovin Malta reported that proposed plans for a metro network in Malta envisage the area being converted into one of the metro stations. 

Renders of the proposed station show it in the midst of a completely revamped park and ride area, complete with several modern-looking buildings, a cafeteria, and a high-rise tower in the centre. 

In a Facebook post this morning, the local council welcomed plans for a metro station on the site of the park and ride. “We believe this is a project that the country can benefit from if its planning is done well.” 

“On the other hand, with reference to what has been raised in sections of the media regarding a twenty-two-story tower, while the council understands that this is only a preliminary, hypothetical plan, the council is making it clear that this news came to our attention from the media,” the council said. 

It added that it was “of the opinion that the idea of a high-rise building at the Pembroke park and ride site is a ‘non-starter’ in terms of existing policies”. 

“The site is surrounded by several historic and scheduled British-era buildings, including the Pembroke Clock Tower, which no doubt doesn’t deserve to be buried under another, taller modern building,” the council said. 

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