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ALPA And Air Malta In War Of Words After Airline Claims Pilots Only Interested In  €700,000 Retirement Package

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The Pilots Union (ALPA) has accused Air Malta of attempting to influence public opinion by painting an “unclear” picture after the national airline claimed that pilots were holding the company to ransom by insisting on the  €700,000 retirement package.

“The company received various communications from an ALPA official insisting on the government to agree on guaranteeing  €700,000 to all pilots currently employed by Air Malta at retirement age or if the company becomes insolvent. This is the real issue with ALPA. The rest is only a pretext,” Air Malta said in an earlier statement.

In reply, the union said that it was “shocking that  Air Malta should continue to deploy such measures in a clear attempt at influencing public opinion and at painting an unclear picture of the reality of the situation at a time when the merits of the dispute are sub judice.”

“It is clear that such allegations were not corroborated by any form of evidence which was submitted for the Court’s consideration and that such allegations represent yet another clear attempt at undermining the Union’s operation, as well as it’s standing”

“It is also shameful that Air Malta’s senior management should attempt to aggravate matters and create further uncertainty at a time when the company should, instead, be focusing on getting its act together,” the ALPA statement read.

In court on Friday regarding a prohibitory injunction filed by the company against its pilots over industrial action, ALPA said that the actions as taken due to threats and intimidation” against union members by the airline’s flight operations chief.

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