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‘PN Can Never Be In Favour Of Decriminalising Abortion,’ Bernard Grech Says 

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The Nationalist Party can never be in favour of decriminalising abortion, leader Bernard Grech has said. 

“The Nationalist Party absolutely believes in life from conception to death and therefore can never be in favour of decriminalizing abortion,” he said on social media.

“The PN is in favour of taking the necessary measures that benefits everyone’s sexual health without endangering the life of the child both before and after birth.”

It remains to be seen whether everyone in the party will follow Grech’s line. However, several MPs have already shared his post.

Grech’s comments come after Independent MP Marlene Farrugia presented a historic bill calling for abortion’s decriminalisation earlier today. She explained that it was necessary for people not to be criminalised for health-related choices, including members of the medical profession.

“I think we agree that all lives must be protected and given all the support necessary to reach its full potential,” she said. “Protection of life doesn’t happen by threatening women or by denying women control over their body.”

Malta is one of the last countries on the planet with a blanket ban on abortion. It should be made clear that decriminalisation does not mean legalisation. Currently, abortion is a criminal offence and people who either receive, procure, or conduct the medical procedure are subject to jail time. 


Il-Partit Nazzjonalista jemmen bl-aktar mod assolut fil-ħajja mill-konċepiment sal-mewt u għalhekk ma jista' qatt ikun…

Posted by Bernard Grech on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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