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PN Finally Scores A Crucial Win Over Labour

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The Nationalist Party managed to get one over on the Labour Party last night, earning more money from its supporters during the parties’ annual Christmas fundraising telethon.

While the Labour Party managed to collect €611,497 – itself a record for the party – the real story of the night was the Nationalist Party, which managed to collect a whopping €620,319.

This was significant considering the PN had only collected €511,767 last Christmas, compared to Labour’s €605,000. Several people had expected the PN to perform worse than it had last year, considering it is trailing Labour in the polls by an estimated 70,000 votes. 

Yet it turned out to be a much-needed boost for Adrian Delia on a night which rounded up his first 100 days since his election as PN leader, and his reaction at the end of the 12-hour telethon was one of sheer delight. 

“I want to thank the entire Maltese population, who told us one thing tonight – that they believe in us and that they want the PN present,” he said. “I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Let’s build [the party], let’s work and let’s not stop until we reach our goal because we’ll definitely get there if we work together.” 

Prior to the telethon, Delia said the PN had, over the past few weeks, contacted over 6,000 people who had “lost contact” with the PN.

“Nationalist supporters are still out there, they are still following the party and they are behind us in everything we do,” he said. “Despite everything, the PN is still the only party which can offer a serious opposition to the government.”

Is the start of a comeback for the Nationalist Party? 

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