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PN Has Ideas, We Just Need To Reach The People Better, MP Darren Carabott Says

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The Nationalist Party is not short of ideas for the country, but it does need to market them better to get to the people, according to PN MP Darren Carabott.

“We have the ideas, but we need to fix our marketing,” the young MP said during a radio interview on Saturday.

Carabott, who serves as the PN’s Public Administration and Local Governance spokesperson and chairs parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, believes that the party’s quality of debate in parliamentary meetings is outstanding, but their marketing and communication strategies need improvement.

In a recent interview on 103 Malta’s Heart, Carabott highlighted the abundance of policy documents the PN has produced in the past year, indicating that they have the content, but the way they deliver their message needs to change.

The Nationalist Party has faced significant hurdles for over a decade, struggling to win elections and experiencing significant losses to the rival Labour Party.

While disillusionment with the ruling party has been on the rise, the PN has not been able to capitalize on this sentiment, as indicated by a recent Times of Malta poll.

The poll also showed that PN leader Bernard Grech has been facing difficulties in winning over voters, with his trust rating remaining stagnant over the past five months. Despite this, Carabott expressed his full confidence in Grech’s leadership and believed that he could lead the party to victory in the next general election.

Another survey by Malta Today provided more positive news for the PN, showing them slightly ahead of the Labour Party. However, this survey did not account for undecided voters.

Do you agree with Carabott?

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