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PN Leader Adrian Delia Has Struck A Nerve With His Visit To The Marsa Police Station

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PN leader Adrian Delia strolled up to the Marsa police station yesterday and rang the doorbell to see if anybody was there. He left without getting a response but he didn’t need to… the photos did all the talking. 

This was one of Delia’s first PR stunts and was inspired by complaints he had received by Marsa residents that their police station was closed way too often. 

He went to the police station after a PN activity in Marsa where he spoke about the concerns of residents, with the words “Justice, Security and Liberty” in bold letters behind him. 

His demonstration was lauded on social media, with many people applauding his actions and some calling on him to start visiting other localities. 

Delia’s visit to the Marsa police station comes after repeated calls for increased safety in the area, with protests being organised to protest the “lawlessness” and lack of law and order in the locality. There have also been attempts by the residents themselves to increase the safety in the area, and as of this month the number of police cadets deployed to patrol Marsa will be increased. Lovin Malta sent questions to the police about why the Marsa police station was closed and we are awaiting a response. 

Delia was elected less than two months ago but is facing immense internal questioning as early surveys show the Opposition party’s numbers have almost dwindled further since he got elected. 

What do you think of this stunt? Let us know in the comments below. 

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