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PN Slammed For Announcing Fundraiser During Tomorrow’s National Protest Against Corruption

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The Nationalist Party has been called out for using tomorrow’s national protest against corruption as a fundraiser for the party’s benefit.

In a poster calling for donations to the party, ranging from €6.99 to €50, the PN said it would be holding the fundraiser marathon from 2 pm until midnight.

“The Nationalist Party should be ashamed of itself,” said one angered activist.

“It’s shameful to use civil society’s call so that when we are calling for justice in the streets, they are collecting funds for their party. Shame on you for trying to get by using civil society,” he continued.

And it wasn’t just him that took umbrage.

A seperate person responded by saying that a fundraiser is always held at this time of year and that it had been planned since before this Sunday’s protest was called.

However, many people did not like seeing partisan interests using a national protest for their personal gain, with one person even calling for protestors to carry banners distancing themselves from the PN.

A national protest has been organised for tomorrow, with banners and posters appearing all over the island ahead of what many are hoping will be one of the biggest protests against corruption so far.

What do you think of this fundraiser and its timing?

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