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PN’s Reformer On Party’s Caruana Galizia Mass: ‘Murder A National Tragedy, Not Only A Family One’

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Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination is a national tragedy, not only a family one, the man entrusted with reforming the Nationalist Party has said.

Louis Galea was contacted by Lovin Malta after Caruana Galizia’s father accused the PN of opportunism for organising a mass and subsequent speech on democracy and justice in his late daughter’s honour.

“To us this opportunistic initiative by the PN is an insult to Daphne, our daughter, to all that she stood for and died for – and to all that she still stands for in the war against corruption and for transparency and honesty in government,” Michael Vella said.

However, Galea, who will be giving the speech, said the PN’s Sliema committee had every right to organise the event, even without the blessing of Caruana Galizia’s family.

“I empathise with the family and they’re free to say what they want, but this isn’t only a family tragedy but a national tragedy,” he said.

Similarly, PN journalist Dione Borg said it is unfair that the PN’s Sliema committee is being attacked for organising an event in memory of the assassinated journalist.

“I know these people personally and I’ve spoken to them about this activity,” he said. “They genuinely want to remember Daphne and they deserve our full support, as indeed a number of PN MPs are giving them.”

“Neither is it fair that, as part of an anti-PN campaign, the PN is being asked whether it is implicated in the murder and whether that’s the reason it is ‘silent’. That’s a dangerous allegation which is miles from the truth as, far from being silent, the PN is on the forefront in ensuring justice is done.”

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