Police Arrests Spark Fears Of Cannabis Crackdown Ahead Of Legalisation Debate

So when's that legalisation happening?


The police issued a statement this afternoon to announce the arrest of four Ħamrun youngsters and seven migrants over cannabis charges, following two raids. 

The arrests have already sparked online debates over whether the police have begun a cannabis crackdown, ahead of the government's plans to legalise weed. The four main parties contesting last month's election had all given variations of a commitment to legalisation of cannabis.

"Efforts by the Anti-Drug Squad on Friday led to the arrest of four Maltese youths aged between 17 and 23. They were arrested during a raid in Pjazza San Pawl, Ħamrun, after being found in possession of drugs, likely to be resin, plants and buds of cannabis," the police said.

"These people will be taken to court accused with trafficking and possession of drugs in the coming days. Investigations are ongoing," the press statement added.

The police also said they arrested another seven men from Somalia and Ethiopia aged between 20 and 25 after a raid in Paceville. They were found trafficking cannabis and cocaine and were arraigned with drug possession and are being kept in prison. 

Reports about the arrests have already sparked discussions among cannabis users that this could be part of a cannabis crackdown. 

Cover photo inset is a file photo from a previous arrest in Ħamrun. 

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