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Police Shut Down Akon’s St Julian’s Party Due To COVID-19 Restrictions

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Akon’s special after-party in Malta was spoiled last night after police intervened to shut it down due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The world-famous singer, behind hit songs like Beautiful and Lonely, was performing at Sky Club, St Julian’s, as part of the SiGMA iGaming festival, in a special after-party that would have included 500 bottles of champagne. 

However, partygoers – which included several international delegates -were left disappointed after police intervened, with SiGMA organisers telling Lovin Malta they had cited a lack of compliance with COVID-19 protocols for events. 

SiGMA organisers said the police shut theparty down midway through Akon’s set but other partygoers said the singer didn’t even get to perform.

Lovin Malta has asked the police to clarify the reason behind this enforcement.

SiGMA organisers struck a confident tone when questioned about this enforcement by Lovin Malta.

“Overall we’re blessed that we could hold the conference and save the year, given the rising [COVID-19] numbers across Europe and the closing of borders once again. We were lucky and look forward to SiGMA 2022 next November,” they said.

Akon came to Malta to address the AIBC Europe conference on blockchain and emerging technologies, which was held alongside the SiGMA iGaming festival.

He is planning to build ‘Akon City’ in Senegal, a futuristic and eco-friendly city that would use a cryptocurrency called Akoin as its main currency.

Besides discussing his project, he was also set to headline a special after-party at Sky Club that would have included “500 bottles of champagne”.

Akon with Djibiril Cisse in Malta (Photo: Djibiril Cisse: Instagram)

Akon with Djibiril Cisse in Malta (Photo: Djibiril Cisse: Instagram)

Former Liverpool FC star turned rising DJ Djibril Cissé, as well as Maxence Degrandsart, DJ Ruby, and others were also invited to perform.

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