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Police Investigation Launched After Man Finds His Dog Slaughtered On Terrace In Raħal Ġdid

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Raħal Ġdid resident Noel Pace has been left shocked and furious after finding his eight-year-old Yorkshire terrier Daisy beaten to death on his own terrace.

At around 7.30pm on 12th December, Pace went upstairs to check on his dog, only to find her lying in a puddle of blood.

“Daisy used to go up and down the house all the time. At around half seven that day I went to check on her on the terrace, only to see her lying down, lifeless,” Pace told Lovin Malta.

“I switched on the light to get a better look at her, and only then did I see the horrible state she was in.”

In images shown to Lovin Malta, the dog can be seen to have multiple serious injuries, including to its face, which is severely beaten in, and its stomach, which was slashed open.

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Pace’s first instinct was to attribute the act to a neighbour’s dog, however a necropsy quickly proved him wrong.

The vet who conducted the necropsy certified that Daisy was not attacked by another dog, as they did not observe any ante-mortem bites or cervical fractures – injuries usually caused when another dog kills.

Not only had the perpetrator smashed Daisy’s face, but they had also ripped apart her abdominal cavity.

“The perpetrator hit her head three or four times, but after he killed her he kept hitting her stomach. It couldn’t have been long before I checked on her, as when I touched her she was still soft,” Pace continued.

“It is clear that whoever did this isn’t mentally stable.”

Pace explained that in the 25 years he’s been living in Raħal Ġdid, his neighbours have remained the same – apart from one.

“My terrace can be accessed by a number of people, however most of my neighbours are old, apart from the new one,” Pace explained.

“I used to see him smoking on his terrace, I even found footprints from my terrace to his after Daisy was killed.”

Despite his suspicions however, Pace has not yet been able to prove who killed his dog.

Pace had filed a police report at the Raħal Ġdid police station shortly after the incident took place. However he said that as of yet, investigations have been inconclusive.

Having said that, there might be a glimmer of hope for Pace. Living in the vicinity of Paola’s Crosscraft outlet, Pace is appealing to anyone in the vicinity who might have CCTV footage to come forward.

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