Police Officers Brave Siġġiewi Farm Inferno To Rescue Frightened Dog And Horses

They entered the burning farmhouse before the fire engines had even arrived on site

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A group of police officers turned life savers this morning as they saved three horses and a small dog from a large fire inside a Siġġiewi farm.

Officers from the Rapid Intervention Unit were dispatched to Wied Ħesri, Siġġiewi at around 9am and were informed by neighbours that horses were trapped inside the burning farmhouse.

TVM reported that the police officers decided to enter the farmhouse and release the horses into a nearby field before the fire engines had even arrived on site. While they were rescuing the horses, the officers heard the sound of barking, which led them to a small, frightened dog, who they also rescued.

Surely the officers deserve some sort of award for such a selfless act of kindness...

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