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Policeman Punched In Stomach By Valletta Man After Officer Tried To Tow His Unlicensed Car Away

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A Maltese man has been arrested due to becoming violent with a police officer who stopped him after he was caught driving a car without a license plate in St Julian’s.

The man, who lives in Valletta, was also caught driving without any registration details. The incident happened at around 19:30 last night on Regional Road.

According to the police, the car was spotted along Regional Road without a license plate. Upon being stopped, officers discovered the man did not have any registration details either.

The man was removed from the vehicle and a tow truck was called. However, when the tow truck began hoisting the car to remove it, the man became aggressive and attacked a police officer by punching him in the stomach.

The man was arrested and the policeman was given medical assistance, where he was confirmed to have slight injuries. The car was towed away regardless.

Investigations are ongoing.

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