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‘Pregnant Domestic Abuse Victim’ Denied Freedom To Travel After Partner Alleges She Wants An Abortion Abroad

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A “pregnant victim of domestic abuse” is being prohibited from travelling on the grounds that she might have an abortion abroad.

The Women’s Rights Foundation took to Facebook to announce that they are fighting a legal battle in which a pregnant woman is being denied her right to freedom of movement and privacy after a warrant was placed on her.

According to WRF,  the allegations that she plans to have an abortion abroad are false. Nonetheless, the injunction has been imposed on the woman, denying her her rights to travel.

“The provisional injunction has been in place for a week now and it will remain in place until the court makes its decision which means that, in the meantime, her fundamental rights and her fundamental freedoms are being breached,” it said.

Most recently, PL President Daniel Micallef came out in favour of a mature debate on the topic, warning that ignoring problems brought about by the taboo nature of the topic will only aggravate them.

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