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Preteen Rabat Girl Sexually Abused By 31-Year-Old ‘Family Friend’ She Met At A Party

A case of an 11-year-old girl who was sexually abused by an older family friend will be heard in front of a jury.

If found guilty, the man, Christoph Doll, faces seven years in prison.

The case goes back to November, 2015, when the mother of a then 11-year-old girl filed a police report about Doll, who at that time was 31-years-old.

The girl told police investigators that she and Doll had committed sexual acts together various times in his Rabat residence. The man had reportedly met the girl at a party, and he then befriended her family.

She explained how they were friends on Facebook and Messenger, and this is where their discussions turned sexual in nature. It was during one of these chats that Doll asked the young girl to come over to his house in Baħrija Valley, Rabat and the sexual abuse started.

“The victim would ask her mother’s permission to go over to Christoph Doll’s house and being a trusted family friend, her mother used to allow her to go to his house,” a court report said. 

“On one of these occasions where the girl was at the accused’s house, while she was swimming in the pool with him, the accused asked her to go and sit down on him,” the report said, before recounting how the accused had moved to touch her.

“On another occasion,” the report continued, “the accused once again invited the girl to his house and this time he offered to give her a back massage using oil.” Once again, the accused used the opportunity to touch the 11-year-old girl in an inappropriate manner.

During this time period, they also allegedly showered together and performed sexual acts on his request. He would then accompany her back home.

Doll had also asked her to send him nude pictures via WhatsApp, while sending her pictures of himself naked, as well as other women in the nude.

Eventually, the girl decided to speak out about the relationship and told her mother, who reported it to the police.

Doll has pleaded not guilty to the accusations in court, presided over by Judge Consuelo Scerri Herrera. He also alleged that his statement was given to police without the presence of his lawyer.

What do you make of this disturbing case?

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