Malta Prime Minister Rubbishes Russian Architect’s Plan For New Metal Azure Window: ‘I Don’t Like It’

The Azure Window collapsed exactly two years ago


It’s been exactly two years since the Azure Window collapsed, but despite the initial commotion, it appears nature will be allowed to just take its course.

One might remember when Prime Minister Joseph Muscat went on Sky News to announce an international offer for proposals on the Dwejra site or when four ministers addressed two press conference to detail what could happen.

However, two years on and all that’s currently on the table is an audacious bid by a Russian architectural firm to actually rebuild the Window with mirrored steel and turn the interior into an exhibition space for Maltese history.


Now Muscat has thrown a spanner in the works to that idea, giving his voice of disapproval to Hotei Russia’s proposal.

“If you had to ask for my personal opinion, I didn’t like the proposal and I don’t think it’s the right thing to do,” he told the press today. “However, once again I’m not an expert on the area.”

The controversial proposal is currently being reviewed by the Environment and Resources Authority, but Hotel Russia CEO Svetozar Andreev has insisted his project will utilise cutting-edge ecological measures to prevent any negative environmental impact.

He welcomed the criticism surrounding his project, arguing that there has never been an outstanding architectural piece built without negative or conservative public reaction.

“I agree with the argument that my project challenges nature, for architecture in its very essence presents a challenge to nature,” he said. “The megaliths and bastions of Valletta themselves are a challenge to nature. Nonetheless, we have designed our project in such a way that nature lives, changes and is reflected in its facets and aspects, and becomes an integral part of it. What better metaphor could there be for the nature of human existence?”

What do you make of this proposed replacement for the Azure Window?

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