Prime Minister’s Communications Aide Stirs Rumour Of Caruana Galizia Family’s Involvement In Assassination

Joseph Muscat's communications aide says there are 'strange' facets of the journalist's assassination

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A communications aide to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has suggested that the family of late journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was somehow involved in her assassination last October. 

Josef Caruana, an ex L-Orizzont editor who will contest next year’s MEP elections, took to Facebook to question three “strange” facets of the assassination. 

“Despite all the cries that Caruana Galizia hadn’t been given protection, [her son] had parked her car outside the house instead of in the drive-in [the day before the murder],” he said. “There have also been rumours that her husband has a new girlfriend and now we’ve also learned that her laptop still hasn’t been found.”

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This last one was a reference to revelations in court yesterday that the only laptop belonging to Caruana Galizia that is in the police’s possession hadn’t been used by the late journalist since 2015. Her son Matthew had told police that she used to work from a tablet, but this device hasn’t been traced yet. 

Posts sent to Lovin Malta show that Caruana posted then rumour on the ‘Laburisti Maghqudin’ private Facebook group, where it sparked a discussion amongst PL supporters - many of whom agreed with the Prime Minister’s communications aide. 

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Nationalist MEP David Casa described Caruana's Facebook post as "toe-curling regurgitation-inducing vitriol" that is being spread by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Paul Caruana Galiza, one of the late journalist's three sons, said that Caruana's statement jars heavily with Joseph Muscat's pledge to "leave no stone unturned" in finding the people behind his mother's murder.

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On Monday, Malta and a number of other cities around Europe and Washington will stage activities to mark six months since the journalist was assassinated in a car bomb. 

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