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Reopening Of Cultural Events ‘Disregards Livelihoods Of Professionals’, Entertainment And Arts Lobby Warns

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Malta’s Entertainment Industry and Arts Association (MEIA) have highlighted the perceived “disregard towards the livelihood of professionals” in terms of COVID-19 measures introduced when it comes to the opening up of Cultural and Social Events.

MEIA noted that “such measures do not make it feasible or even practical” to host an event unless it was subsidised by the government.

Today’s joint press conference from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Culture announced that social and cultural events would reopen as of 5th July.

Yet, such events could only be available to people with a vaccine certificate while events themselves could only take place in an enclosed space, be seated-only and have a max cap of 100 people (which will gradually increase to 200 people in August).

The Association were also dismayed by the lack of communication or discussion with them in regards to the “safe and reasonable proposals” that they had submitted to the Maltese Government.

“It is discriminatory for our industry when all other sectors are allowed to operate without such bold measures whilst tourists are at least given a choice to show a negative test in the absence of a certificate of vaccination”, their statement read.

MEIA emphasised that, currently, the entertainment industry was not being given the respect it deserves considering the income it brings to the Maltese economy. The association have also voted to “take all necessary action to protect the interests of its members”.

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