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Restaurants To Reportedly Reopen In May As Bars And Każini To Remain Closed In Malta

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Malta is set to reopen its restaurants by mid-May but leave its każini and bars closed as the island prepares to roll out a “staged approach” to removing mitigation measures, according to new reports.

Health authorities will be assessing the impact reopening would have on the rate of infections, the Times of Malta reported. Based on that data, they would then be able to consider reopening bars as well.

This would come before the government’s plan to reopen for tourism on 1st June.

Malta’s COVID-19 numbers have steadily been on the decrease for weeks now, with strict measures in place and relatively high number of fines still being issues on a weekly basis.

However, employees and employers in various sectors, including the catering and entertainment, have spoken out about being left alone to fight this pandemic. Popular establishments, including some that have been around for over 100 years, have had to shut down in the face fo dwindling sales for a prolonged period of time.

Clubs, bars and restaurants that used to offer so much have had to temporarily – or permanently – shut down operations, while others are barely getting by month to month.

Would you like to see restaurants reopen in May?

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