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REVEALED: The Other (Friendlier) PN Youth Report – ’Blame Apathy, Not Adrian Delia, For Election Defeat’

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One party, two youth wings, two very different opinions

Team Start, the Nationalist Party’s new wing for youths younger than 18, has stood up for Opposition leader Adrian Delia in the wake of last month’s electoral disaster.

“We are disappointed with what has been said with regards the attitude taken by the leadership towards youths,” the report, signed by Team Start President Thomas de Martino, reads. “If there’s something that has held us youths back, it’s the apathy and lack of initiative displayed by some, and not the leadership.”

“In fact, during a Team Start executive meeting on 7th June, we reaffirmed out trust in Adrian Delia,” the report continues. “The election result was undoubtedly a disappointment, but if we don’t unite and start pulling the same rope, it would mean we would have learned nothing from what the people have told us. We youths need a united party if we want to make a difference.”



The report appears to be a direct response to an analysis by MŻPN, the PN’s traditional youth wing, which placed the blame for the election loss directly at the feet of Delia’s leadership

The MŻPN accused the party of embarking on a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, exemplified by the establishment of Team Start as a separate youth branch.

“The creation of a second and separate branch within the party, albeit filled with talented and active youths, resulted in separating our younger audience into two groups this not only resulted in creating unnecessary competition but also in creating animosity between the party’s youth members,” it said.

While Team Start didn’t advocate merging with MŻPN, it said that collaboration between the two youth wings should improve and that activities must be carried out conjunctly.

It also said it plans to conduct an outreach programme with other youth organisation and to set up expert focus groups help it draft policies.

The full report can be read below:

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