Robber Caught Red-Handed By Moira Delia ‘Was Let Go By Police’ Three Weeks Ago

Police reportedly set to arraign robber shortly after letting him slip through their fingers

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A young man has accused the police of gross inaction against a man who was recently caught on camera by TV presenter Moira Delia in the act of trying to rob her block of apartments in St. Julian’s.

Moira Delia said on Facebook she has been informed the police have arrested the Polish would-be robber in her viral video and will soon arraign him. The police have not yet responded to a request for comment by Lovin Malta. 

Yet 24-year-old Polish national Jędrzej Drobiński has now said the police had let the man, who he identified as Tomasz Zerucha, slip through their fingers shortly before he was caught by Moira Delia. 

Drobiński told this website that Zerucha had robbed his phone at the end of a drunk night out in Paceville three weeks ago, but dropped it at a hotel doorstep after Drobiński gave chase. 

Drobiński bumped into Zerucha in Paceville again shortly afterwards, and this time dragged him by the arm to the police officers stationed outside Burger King. 

“I told the police what happened to me, but they just searched him, found a sachet with clear traces of white dust, left him in their van for two hours and then let him go,” Drobiński said. “I asked a policeman why they let him go and he told me it isn’t any of my business. I threatened to report him to his boss, and his colleague mockingly asked me whether I would like to report him to the Prime Minister while I was at it.”

Asked how the police could have acted on his word alone, Drobiński said they could have easily checked CCTV footage of Paceville’s cameras, which would have revealed him chasing after Zerucha and Zerucha dropping his phone. 

The experience has left Drobiński completely disillusioned with the Maltese police. 

“Police in Malta are useless, the ones in Paceville just stand around smoking and watching films on their phones. It’s insane. This is going to be bad for Malta and tourism will take a knock, just because the police are too lazy to do their jobs.” 

Lovin Malta has asked the police for a comment about Drobiński's case but has not yet received a response. 

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