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Scores Of Tyres And 830kg Of Waste Retrieved From Maltese Sea In St George’s Bay Clean-Up

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Malta’s awesome environmentalists have just posted the results of their latest major clean-up, and it’s a dirty reminder of just how polluted Malta’s seas are.

This time, the folks over at Żibel retrieved over 830kg of waste from St George’s Bay – and a breakdown of the items they found is very revealing.

Over a four hour dive with 10 volunteers, 104 tyres were found, alongside 37kg of bulky waste, 6kg of glass and 37kg of general waste, among other unwanted items.

“St George’s Bay has always been on our radar,” Żibel said in a post. “The Corinthia St George’s Bay made this clean-up possible, allowing us to collect 104 tyres from the bay thanks to our hard working volunteers. Shout out to FTZD – Foundation for Tourism Zone Development for lending a hand on the day too!”

Żibel volunteers after hours of work

Żibel volunteers after hours of work

Żibel regularly host clean-ups in key bays and beaches around the island, with the incredible team always full of energy and enthusiasm to tackle these ongoing environmental obstacles.

Though the trash thrown into Malta’s seas might not be ours, making a collective effort to clean up the island helps ensure we will have an environment to pass onto future generations.

If you’d like to pitch in and take part in Żibel’s next clean up, drop them a message here.

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