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‘Shame On You’: St Edward’s Headmaster Calls Out Parents After Sick Child Who Visited China Ostracised Following Coronavirus Rumours

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Cover photo: St Edward’s College

The headmaster of a prominent Maltese secondary school has had to issue a statement after one of their students had been ostracised and avoided by other students after returning from China with a respiratory illness.

“To the parents who have told their children to avoid/not to come in contact with/not to play with any child in college – shame on you,” Mr Mac an Bhaird, headmaster of St Edward’s College, said today.

“We have had a very sad boy at school these past two days. Please take a moment to speak with your children on the idea of inclusion, acting on facts not gossip and especially, not being mean.”

His letter to parents comes after a St Edwardian had recently travelled to China, returning with an illness – however, he has since been checked by Health Authorities who said his symptoms were not in line with the coronavirus.

The headmaster lamented the fact that parents had allowed themselves to act on rumours and not facts, leading to a boy shunned by his peers.

“The child does not have symptoms compatible with coronavirus infection and is currently being monitored as a precaution. Should any additional public health measures be necessary you will be duly informed,” the headmaster said, before adding that he himself needed to visit the school to remind them to act on “facts not speculation which flies in the face of the facts”.

He chastised parents for fearmongering among their children, leading them to avoid the sick student.

“Especially after you had the correct information that the child is not ill and has been cleared to return to college by the Health Department,” he added.

A previous version of this article included a photo of a former St Edward’s student within the cover photo. Lovin Malta would like to clarify that this boy has got absolutely nothing to do with this case and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

What do you think of his, and the parent’s, reaction?

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