Shocking Report Claims Toddler’s Nappy, Playmobil Dolls Used To Smuggle Drugs Into Prison

Malta's prison guards find drugs in the most bizarre of places...

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Prison guards at the Corradino Correctional Facility reportedly made a shocking find recently - drugs inside the nappy of a toddler who was taken to the prison to visit the incarcerated father. 

The find emerges from a Times of Malta report, which shines a light on innovative ways used by Malta’s prisoners to smuggle drugs inside. 

According to the report, prison guards also uncovered synthetic drugs inside the heads of some Playmobil figurines, which are assembled by prisoners to while away the time. The Times’ sources said guards grew suspicious when they saw a prisoner handing over a Playmobil doll to another prisoner. Searches revealed suspicious-looking powder as well as on three other dolls on his person and a further six inside his cell. 

The prisoner concerned has reportedly been transferred to a maximum security cell and will soon face criminal proceedings.

The home affairs ministry issued a statement to deny “the article’s reference to the toys assembly” and to “reject speculation about illicit substance movements within this work practice”. 

The ministry didn’t deny the drug find cases in question, ostensibly meaning that its statement was meant to allay fears that the Playmobil prison operation is regularly used to smuggle drugs.   

In fact, the Times journalist who wrote the story confirmed with Lovin Malta that he is sticking with everything he wrote inside it. 

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