Has Just Been Unveiled, And It's Not What You'd Expect

This is why politicians should always buy their domain

Simon Busuttil

You've got to hand it to the Labour Party's strategists. They always seem to be three steps ahead. So it probably doesn't come as much of a surprise that they bought before the Leader of the Opposition.

It seems the domain was left vacant until some months ago, despite Busuttil's almost 15-year political career. 

The website, which was unveiled this afternoon, brings together a series of images that poke fun at Busuttil, his party and its proposals. 

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This includes a mock Cabinet if PN is elected, featuring Josie Muscat as Civil Liberties Minister, Salvu Mallia as Minister of the Economy and David Thake as Minister for National Unity.

It also includes profiles specifically for Josie Muscat and MP Jason Azzopardi.

The website is now being promoted on Google Ads to reach people who are searching for Simon Busuttil.

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