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St Julian’s Fight: ‘They Banged On Passenger Door Before Pulling My Girlfriend Out By Her Hair’

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A Maltese man involved in a public fight caught on film in St Julian’s last night has opened up about the circumstances that led to the incident.

He’s offering a €250 reward to anyone with any and all information related to the case to be handed over the police as he is seeking answers after being left with injuries and stolen items.

“We were passing by to go down to Balluta Bay when the car I was driving got hit by this Spanish girl and her male friend,” the man, who spoke to Lovin Malta on condition of anonymity, recounted.

“I told her to step aside and to respect the road, but she started shouting and banging on the passenger door and she pulled my girlfriend by her hair,” he continued.

“I had nowhere to move as there were cars in front of and behind me so I stepped out to stop them, and that’s when I got surrounded by a bunch of people,” he said.

To add insult to injury, after the fight, he returned to his car to find that some of his items had been stolen, he said.

The video, which went viral in Maltese circles, shows a number of people punching and kicking at each other as some of them are slammed against the car. The Maltese man and his partner are both in their early 30s.

A police spokesperson confirmed with Lovin Malta that a police report had been filed by a Maltese individual who said he had been attacked by two others, believed to be foreigners, between 1.30 and 2.30am this morning in St George’s Road, Paceville.

The man, who said he and his partner were left injured, lamented that he had been attacked in the streets.

“This is not a thing to be happening in our country where rude people make the road theirs as if it is their own and also assaulting people passing by,” he said.

“Also, please note that when we filed the police report we were informed that the cameras surrounding the area are off and not available to see what happened,’ he continued.

Malta’s seen a number of public fights caught on camera over the last few weeks, especially in hotspots like St Julian’s, which features a number of restaurants, clubs and hotels. Malta’s government has has pledged to increase community policing in a number of localities in an effort to clampdown on illegalities.

What do you make of this incident?

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