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Teen Who ‘Tried To Run Over Policeman’ In Kirkop Kept In Prison After His Father Refuses To Bail Him Out

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A 17-year-old who allegedly tried to run over a policeman in Ħal Kirkop this week will remain in prison after his father refused to bail him out.

The underage driver, whose name cannot be published by court order, was prosecuted today on charges of attempting to grievously injure a police officer, resisting arrest, stealing a vehicle and driving without a license or insurance.

Magistrate Josette Demicoli heard how RIU officers had spotted the young man driving a Nissan March in Ħal Kirkop, only a few hours after the vehicle was reported missing in Msida.

When the officer signalled the car to stop, the teenager allegedly tried to run him over but missed his target. The police gave chase and arrested him shortly afterwards. A young woman who was in the passenger seat fled the scene and was arrested shortly afterwards, but she hasn’t been charged.

In court today, the teenager’s defence lawyer Franco Debono confirmed that no request for bail was being made, one of the reasons being that even his own father expressed the wish for his son be kept in a confined environment and placed under a supervision order.

He will therefore be kept in police custody with a supervision order imposed on him.

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