Teenager Arrested For Killing Zack Meli In Paceville ‘Punched Him For Fun’

'My cousin had his whole life to be someone, but that has been taken away from him by someone he did not know'

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Denis Davkov (left) has been arrested on suspicion of killing Zack Meli (right) 

The Bulgarian 19-year-old who has been arrested on suspicion of killing Zack Meli in Paceville this morning did not even know Meli but attacked him “for fun”, the Maltese youth’s cousin has claimed. 

“My 24-year-old cousin was killed early this morning in Paceville with a blow to the head by someone he did not know,” Tiziana Zammit wrote in an open letter to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. “Two foreigners who just so happened to feel like hitting someone on the head for fun surrounded him and, with one blow, he was killed.”

Zammit noted that her cousin’s death was not an isolated incident in Paceville, recounting how another cousin of hers was attacked and robbed a few months and how rockstar Mikaela Attard and a friend were similarly attacked and robbed a few weeks ago. In all three cases, she pointed out, the perpetrators were foreigners. 

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“Paceville used to be a place to meet up with friends, have a good time and make memories,” she said. “Paceville today is no longer safe. This has to stop, you have to take action. These are our kids! Getting robbed, raped and beaten for no reason at all! My cousin had his whole life to be someone, but that has been taken away from him by someone he did not know. Someone who taught it would be fun to beat someone up .This is NOT OK ! Please, please take action and keep our kids safe.”

Meli’s alleged killer has been named as Denis Davkov, a 19-year-old Bulgarian national who lives in Sliema. Photos on Davkov’s Facebook profile indicate he has been living in Malta since at least 2014. 

According to TVM, Davkov punched Meli after he "hit" Davkov's girlfriend as he was walking down the Paceville steps at around 6:30am. Police are reportedly in possession of CCTV recordings, which captured the entire incident. 

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