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That Skinny Building In Gozo Is Actually One Ridiculously Long Corridor To A Normal-Sized Apartment

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Social media was set alight with images of a skinny-winny building in Gozo yesterday, but a closer look at the plans reveal what looks like a walkie-talkie, with a ridiculously long corridor for an aerial. 

What could very well be one of the country’s longest corridors is officially listed as a 22 metre-squared box room. But it does lead to a normal-sized three-bedroom flat.

Plans of the apartment

Plans of the apartment

The apartment block actually stretches across two streets Triq l-Imgarr and Triq Il-Gnien in Ghajnsielem. The images posted online show only the block from the Triq l-Imgarr side. It replaced a house in the area with a similar floor plan and was approved in 2018.

The building before vs the building after

The building before vs the building after

Designed by architect Saviour Micallef, the rest of the apartment, which lies over Triq Il-Gnien, is roughly 110 square metres, excluding its balcony. 

Meanwhile, there is actually a two-bedroom penthouse nestled above the building.

The apartment from Triq L-Imgarr vs Triq Il-Gnien

The apartment from Triq L-Imgarr vs Triq Il-Gnien

What made it online was the view of the apartment block from one side of the street, and the visual contrast triggered many people online given that it looked totally unliveable. 

However, closer inspection of the permit reveals that the building conforms to any planning policy it could be subject to. Maybe, it’s time aesthetics from all angles started playing a role in the decision-making process though…

What do you think of the plans?

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