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‘That’s Not What I’d Call Intimate’: Reforms Secretary Plays Down Photos With Suspended Maltese Passport Seller

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Parliamentary secretary for reforms Julia Farrugia has denied enjoying any form of relationship with the partner of a legal firm, after being name dropped by him in a documentary by a French TV programme.

Questioned by the press, Farrugia Portelli reiterated that her only relationship with Jean-Philippe Chetcuti Cauchi goes back to her childhood days, when she used to share a classroom and school van with his wife.

“My position is clear; the only friendship I had with her was in the school van and in class,” she said. “Theres no other rapport, neither with this agent nor with other agents. I was always transparent to questions, I assure you that I do my work well and make sure to rebut any attacks that are intended to undermine Malta and investment. There’s no secrecy in the Individual Investment Programme.”

Farrugia Portelli met with Chetcuti Cauchi at least twice at official events over the past two years, but dismissed suggestions that her relationship with the lawyer and his family was an intimate one.

“Lovin Malta used the word ‘intimate’…I understand something else when I hear the word ‘intimate’,” she said. “The pictures were of myself near a particular nun at a public press conference. I have no relationship with no agent and I do my work above board upon the recommendations of the IIP agency.”

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