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The Best Place To Watch Video Game Streams? Tarxien Local Council’s Facebook Page, Apparently 

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The Tarxien local council has still not managed to regain access to its Facebook page, a month after it was “hacked” by unknown individuals. 

Last month Lovin Malta reported that the council’s Facebook page had started posting strange and nonsensical posts, after someone gained access to it without the council’s permission. 

Councillor Christian Pace said at the time that efforts were underway for the council to regain access to the page.

These efforts appear to have failed with the page now listed as a gaming video creator. 

Over the last couple of days, several foreign video game streams have been uploaded to the page in recent days, with Pace commenting and asking the council’s followers to report the page to the police. 

Speaking to Lovin Malta, councillor Christian Pace said that the matter had been reported to the police’s cybercrime unit, which has however informed the council that there was not much that could be done. 

“Our only hope is to have the page reported to Facebook in the hope that they can close it themselves,” Pace said.

He urged members of the public to report the page and to follow the council’s new Facebook page.

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