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‘The Bi-Party System Is A Shambles’: Arnold Cassola Will Contest 10th And 11th Districts

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Independent candidate Arnold Cassola has announced he will be contesting the 10th and 11th districts as an independent candidate in the upcoming general election.

“The 55-year-old bi-party system has led to the political shambles we have today. Politicians are meant to serve the people and society. However, certain dishonest and greedy businessmen control certain MPs, from both parties, and even ministers who, on their part, have reduced what is supposed to be the noble vocation of politics to an exercise in greed, nepotism, cronyism and favouritism,” Cassola said today.

“Today, a number of our institutions do not favour the common man on the street. The big fish keep swallowing the small. Inequality rules.”

Cassola, once a major part of Alternattiva Demokratika, has been raising awareness on environmental and good governance issues.

Now, he’s calling on voters to vote for change.

“The Maltese electorate has the choice of breaking this toxic mould of politics by electing to Parliament independent and third party candidates with real values, whose hallmark is honesty, integrity, credibility and consistency. If not, we will have much more of the same,” he said.

“My 32 years in politics have taught me what is right from wrong,” he continued. “We, the people deserve better and we have the power to change the situation with our vote. Now is the time to change all that is wrong and unjust through our voting behaviour.”

“My pledge is to exercise honest politics to serve all the people of Malta and Maltese society.”

What do you make of Cassola’s announcement?

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