The 'Father of Marijuana' Is Coming to Malta

Neuroscience conference to be held next year

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Israeli medical chemistry professor Dr Raphael Mechoulam, celebrated as the father of modern cannabis, is scheduled to visit Malta next year to participate in the sixth Mediterranean Neuroscience Society Meeting.

Dr Mechoulam, 85, recently starred in a compelling documentary entitled The Scientist where he gave a detailed account of how he discovered the endocannabinoid system among other major medical marijuana breakthroughs.

Dr Mechoulam is one of eight speakers scheduled to participate in a summit to be held at the Radisson Blu in June 2017.

The summit is organised by the Mediterranean Neuroscience Society, which aims to support and help strengthen all initiatives that bring together Mediterranean neuroscientists.

So the question we're all asking: Is this the start of a medical marijuana movement in Malta?

WATCH: The Scientist

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