Depressing Statistics About The Gender Pay Gap In Malta By Industry

You'll be dead before pay equality comes to manufacturing

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Women are notoriously paid less than men even when doing the same jobs, but have you ever wondered how the gender pay gap varies from industry to industry? A new Europe-wide study issued yesterday has shed some light on the matter, with a number of interesting (and mostly depressing) findings about Maltese industry. Here are the top findings, according to the Expert Market report. 

1. The first industry in Malta that will close the gender pay gap is 'real estate'. This will happen in 2018 

It's worth noting that real estate agents are generally paid by commission rather than whatever their boss decides to pay, but seeing as there's still a pay gap nonetheless, perhaps we should celebrate what should be next year's achievement. 


2. We'll have to wait almost a decade, until 2026, for the gender pay gap to be closed when it comes to 'wholesale and retail trade'


3. And in more than 20 years' time, the pay gap will be closed in the 'accommodation and food services' industry 

That's 2038. Followed closely by the arts, entertainment and recreation industry in 2040.


4. Shockingly, in 'administration and support services', we're going to have to wait till 2087 

Which means that if you were a teen in the 90s, you're probably not going to be alive by then. 


5. But it will take more than two lifetimes to get to pay equality when it comes to manufacturing 

Yes, two entire lifetimes till there's equal pay in this field. That's 2171. 


6. And even worse than that... If you work in 'finance or insurance', it's going to take until 2196 to get there

That's 179 years away, so don't hold your breath.


7. Still, that's not the worst part. Unbelievably, the pay gap is actually still widening across many sectors

  • Education
  • Communications
  • Science
  • Energy
  • Waste management
  • Construction
  • Human health
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8. That means there's literally no end in sight with these industries

Things aren't getting any better, they're getting even worse. 


9. And yet, Malta has the second lowest gender pay gap in the EU

On average women are paid 5% less than their male counterparts, which on the plus side has decreased from 8% in 2007.

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10. And when it comes to part-time work, women actually earn 8.2% more than men


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