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The Future Of Ta’ Qali: Here’s What Malta’s National Park Will Soon Look Like

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Images for the regeneration project set to happen at Ta’ Qali National Park have been revealed after permission was granted for the project to go ahead.

The regeneration project will see the national park receive a major facelift, with an entirely new bike lane shown in renders to be built above walking park-goers.

Other new half-open structures can be seen alongside wide boulevards and several areas dedicated to flowers.

Transport Minister Ian Borg thanked his team for the work they’ve contributed to the approved project.

Further details regarding a timeline for the project are set to be released in the coming days.

The project, which had been announced in 2019, will see the park double in size, with an additional 200,000 square metres of open space to be added to the green area following the removal of an old concrete factory.

Apart from the 52,000 square metres occupied by the factory, another 150,000 square metres of land currently being used as parking areas will be rehabilitated

Parts of the park that were inaccessible will also become accessible to the public. The current dog park will be extended, and a camping site will also be built.

This means Ta’ Qali will become around 450,000 square metres in total, which is about the third of London’s Hyde Park.

In 2019, Former Environment Minister Josè Herrera had also pledged to plant 80,000 new trees, and said the site would be managed by Ambjent Malta. Borg said the new project is equal to the size of 63 football pitches and will come to a cost of €20 million.

What do you think of the new Ta’ Qali?

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